Starter Kit Review of GreenSmartLiving

Starter kits are the solution, if somebody wants to switch from its usual flavor of the conventional cigarettes. Or even when somebody wants to start the vaping experience. It provides with all the necessary accessories for instant start of vaporizing experience. Switching to GreenSmartLiving is the best and most affordable way to start a new smoking free experience, they provide you with the rechargeable kit and this rechargeable kit gives you the best way to start the experience right away. This kit includes a sleek GreenSmartLiving e cigarette battery which is very sleek, 2 e cigarette cartridges and one easy to use Usb charger. Restart kit provides you with the best option for the beginners. Let’s have a review of its starter kit:

GreenSmartLiving starter kit includes the following things in a package when purchased directly from the website with the help of green smart living discount codes we’ve found at – e-cig coupons and discounts site

– One e cig battery of very sleek design in white color
– Two e cig cartridges
– One Usb Charger adapter Which allows you to charge the sleek battery anywhere

They offer you with a fully charged battery when you buy it. So you can start your vaping experience right after its purchase. You don’t have to wait for charging it. The two cartridges are of two different flavors contain high strength of nicotine like 0.9 ml liquid contains almost 18mg of nicotine. This is of high strength. The flavors are menthol and Regular. GreenSmartLiving categorizes its flavor in three strengths, and they turn into seven flavors if we consider strength.

How to Use the GreenSmartLiving Restart Kit

GreenSmartLiving includes a rechargeable battery and reusable cartridges. The two cartridge came in the package includes a regular cigarette formula of water. This contain many chemicals including nicotine, glycerol and other flavoring. They are highly full of quality and the formula is very unique. They use extra refined material for the cartridge that’s why it can be considered as healthy. The nicotine in the solution ranges from 6mg to nicotine free solution. So they attract both the fresh and old smokers.

When you are ready to start the vaping experience you must screw the cartridge into the fully charged battery came along with the starter kits and start the puffing experience. The vaping procedure of GreenSmartLiving is very easy to use. As the heating procedure start when you start inhaling directly from the cartridge. They give very thick vapors. GreenSmartLiving gives a very good battery. You can have 250+ puffs with a single charge. This is estimated to be equal to one cigarette pack. When the vapors are becoming weak the recyclable bottle should be returned back to the provider for the refilling. The charging time for the battery is almost two hours after plugged in. You can use the Usb charger to charge your battery.

In conclusion, GreenSmartLiving is very reasonable and portable; they only lack in the response time by the provider or retailer however you can reduce the con by using two cartridges in a starter kit in same time.

A Comprehensive Review of Apollo, Halo, Green Smoke E-Cigarettes

For those who are starting to use e-cigarettes, the starter kit is a must. It contains chargers, batteries, the e-liquid and the accessories needed to have your e-cigarette work for you. Plus, it doesn’t make a user guess what goes with what and keeps their device simple to assemble. Popular reviews have made this device more salable than other brands.

Apollo e-Cigarettes

Apollo cigs have the most diverse collection of products in the industry. They have cig-a-like types, eGo types (which carry a larger tank to hold more E-liquids) and Vaporizer types (which has a powerful battery that can let you control the way you vape) that can cater to the needs of different types of vapers. Apollo cigs also makes puffing more enjoyable and vapor comes out smoother than any other product in the industry. To have more perks, enter the apollo e-cig coupon codes found on the website to enjoy savings with big discounts both on the device and the e-liquids. Not only that, there are also promo prices on e-cigarette device accessories.

Halo e-Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have evolved since its emergence several years ago. Today, these devices have been widely used by long-time smokers who wanted to try something different and something they can stick to. Gone are their tobacco-smoking days and they have discovered an easier way to enjoy smoking using e-cigarettes by Halo. With promising reviews by users, it has found its way to penetrate the electronic cigarette market easily.

Interesting and unique choices by Halo e-cigarettes are the G6 and Triton Tank as they are not found in any other brand. Famous for their bigger capacity, the Triton Tank can last for more puffs. While G6 has the anti-burn feature that is built for safety. Get all these features on their website using Halo cigs coupon codes to avail of their ongoing promo deals and discount that make it more appealing to vapers. Even their e-liquids are available on sampler packs so you can select which one will suit your taste.

Green Smoke e-Cigarettes

Another product that tobacco smokers must switch to is the Green Smoke electronic cigarettes. These cigarette-looking devices boast of how their vapors turn out. Since the appearance of the e-cigarette devices, Green Smoke came up with the easy to use and assemble two-piece unit making it unique and attractive to users. Most of the reviews received are praising the devices because of its rich flavor and thick vapor.

What’s also making these devices known is that their facilities and plants were all certified in international standards and each e-liquid batch they carry are well tested and strictly follows safety and airflow tests. This is done to keep their consumers safe and satisfied with their puffing experience. Green Smoke e-cigarette users are assured of high quality and also offers discount to those who purchase on their website using unique Green Smoke coupons.

Some of the benefits consumers can get out of using Green Smoke e-cigarettes are its richer flavors, the thick vapor with every puff and each puff hits the throat incredibly. Green Smoke may be quite expensive but it is all worth buying and you can get promo rates by having coupon codes used to activate the discount. It may have few flavor choices but they make up for its richness.

Vaping Apollo E Cigs While Driving

One of the major benefits of choosing Apollo e-cigarettes over real cigarettes is that you can use them in confined spaces because it does not produce harmful smoke and foul smell. You can use it while you are at the bar, at the office or even at your car without pulling down the windows. Taking a puff at your favorite Apollo ecigs while you’re driving is fine. This make the usual commute time more enjoyable.

As long as your Apollo e-cigs are charged up, filled with E-liquids and ready to go, you can use it while you are driving. It is so much safer than smoking traditional cigarettes while driving. No need to fumble around with a lighter before you get going, simply puff and your Apollo cigs will have power in it. You don’t need to deal with ashes or burning ember the entire time because Apollo cigs don’t burn anything; the battery just heats the flavor cartridges which turns the E-liquids into vapor. You also don’t need to worry about your passengers getting second hand smoking effects and being sick because Apollo cigs doesn’t produce any. Just some last key points for you to remember. Don’t throw empty cartridges out of the window. They may damage tires, be picked up by a child or eaten by an innocent animal. So dispose of them properly when you get the chance.

So say goodbye to traditional cigarettes today and switch to Apollo cigs. According to this Apollo cigs review you should choose to use Apollo standard starter kit while you are a beginner or choose the Apollo Vtube kit if you will be driving for hours and need a battery that can last for up to a day. Get these great Apollo cigs products in a more affordable price by using these Apollo cigs coupons from Enjoy!

Using Halo electronic Cigarettes At Work

E-cigarettes have come a long way. What started as a fad is now a mainstay and is even forecasted to beat the tobacco industry in a decade or two. It has affected our lives in many ways including our work and career. There are numerous reasons why you should choose E-cigarettes, particularly Halo cigarettes – one of the best E-cigarette brands around, over real cigarettes when it comes to your work and career. Here are some of them.

More Productive Work Time
Many workplaces lose productivity to cigarette breaks. Not to mention the long periods of illness that the average smokers spend. With Halo E-cigarettes, you don’t need to go out of the office and take 10 minutes to consume it. Halo cigs don’t produce smoke and therefore can be use even indoors. You can vape at your own office stall while working and you can stop and resume vaping anytime you want to. Furthermore, E-cigs don’t contain any of the thousand chemicals that real cigarettes have decreasing your health risk and the number of days being sick.

Higher Chance To Get Hired
Some workplaces have decided to stop hiring smokers. You cant blame them as smoking really decreases productivity. If you switch to Halo cigs, you have a higher chance to get hired then.

More Confidence, Happier Career
Smoking stinks! We all know that. It leaves foul smell, ashes and dirt to stick in you all day and you will feel nothing but a walking ashtray and it is unhygienic at all. This is bad especially if you are a professional as you may offend coworkers or potential business partners. Halo cigs doesn’t produce ashes because nothing is burn, only heated. Halo cigs doesn’t produce foul smell too. In fact Halo e-cigs reviews even say that it produces a great cotton candy smell that adds up to a great vaping experience, this increase one’s confidence in dealing with other people.

Here’s a Bonus Halo E Cig Coupon From

Why Use These Coupons For V2 Cigs, Halo Cigs and Apollo Cigs Starter Kits

This week, we’ve found some great V2 coupons, Apollo coupons and Halo coupons at a site called For the promotion of product and the worldwide distribution of their products the price must be convenient to the customers. This is why, these three e-cigs companies are giving promotional offers to sell their products. They are securing the maximum number of customers in the e-cig market as well as giving helping their customers vape at a much affordable price. It’s really a win win situation. V2 is offering 30% off in its Ultimate pack. On the other hand, Halo is providing 15% to 20% discount to the potential buyers. Moreover, Premium Vapes is offering 10% off their products. The most important thing is that, you can get this coupon codes online sitting in your home. Simply go to and get instant discounts.

Why Use These Coupons?

Top electronic cigarette starter kits are few in numbers. It’s hard to choose as some competitive products in this field are confusing the users that which one they should choose. However, few of those leading starter kits are V2 electronic cigarette, Halo electronic cigarette, and Apollo electronic cigarette. All these three brands have their own peculiarities helping them to stand out from the rest.

As we know electronic cigarette starter kits should be very similar to the usual tobacco cigarette to make the transition easier. All the three electronic cigarettes looks like real cigarettes but at the same time very grand in their design and you will fell prestigious having one device of these brands. It will surely catch attention wherever you go. V2 cigs is very popular for its battery life. It will provide the best battery facility among different leading e-cig starter kits. V2 which is also popular for its maximum number of flavors especially because it includes one of our most favorite E-cig flavors of all which is the V2 red. As we know that, electronic cigarettes work with liquid nicotine. V2 has got a nicotine strength of 4. Similar to the usual tobacco cigarettes, V2 will emit smokes and will show light on the tip the device. That means, nothing can be a better alternative to tobacco smoke like V2 e-cig. On the other hand, Halo G6 which is considered an ideal e-cig starter kit for its features as well as its price. It is very low in price and can server the expectations of the entry level users. It produces thick vapor and mild throat hit with every smooth puff. Apollo cigs has been popular enough within a short span of time. The price is very reasonable and their starter kits is very divers. There is two starter kits perfect for beginners – The Standard and The Extreme. And there are also two starter kits for advanced vapers and heavy smokers – The eGo kit and the Vtube kit.

In conclusion, in choosing a perfect electronic cigarette you also need to consider the price of the e-cig too. This is why the price should be convenient and reasonable to the features and facilities provided by the product and the coupons that we provided above will help you get these 3 amazing brands in a more affordable price.

Are Blu Cigs Worth Your Money?

2014.01.10 ecigologist 001 Are Blu Cigs Worth Your Money?

Here at our site, we get a lot of questions about Blu cigs. Questions like “Are Blu cigs really that good?” “Is it worth your money?” “Is it the right E-cig brand for me” flooding our inbox daily. No surprise about that as Blu cigs is the most popular E-cigarette brand around. Blu cigs is one of the staple of the electronic cigarette industry. They’ve done a lot of first in the industry that really changed the game like when they manufactured the first 100% US made E-liquid or when they created the first portable electronic cigarette charging pack. However, there are also so much fuss about Blu cigs really not giving enough and lacking on flavors and vapor production

With all that have been said, are Blu cigs really worth your money? Read on this Blu cigs review to know.

When you order a Blu cig starter kit for $79.95 you’ll get one USB charger, one wall charger, two batteries, 5 flavor cartridges and the Blu cigs charging pack. Of to the bat, one can see that Blu cigs produce high quality E-cigarettes as their white and black color E-cigarettes are nicely done, the cartridges looks tightly sealed and fresh and the Blu cigs charging pack really looks cool and handy. One can charge the battery using the pack and it can still hold up to two flavor cartridges and one extra battery. This is perfect for those who are always on the go. The sweet thing about the Blu cigs pack is it infamous social feature where your Blu cigs will vibrate whenever another Blu cig user is around.

As I said, part of the Blu cigs starter kit is a five pack of flavor cartridges. A five pack of Blu cigs flavor cartridges is valued at $12 and each cartridge is equivalent to a pack of traditional cigarettes worth of puff. 5 pack of real cigarettes cost around $30 so it’s a pretty good deal and price on their cartridges. Blu cigs offer 7 really great flavors including Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Java Jolt, Cherry Crush, Vivid Vanilla, Pina Colada and Peach Schnapps.

Using Blu cigs are so easy. You can take out the cartridge and batteries and screw it together and you can then take a hit. As you inhale, the tip glows blue as if it were an actual cigarette light. However like some reviews said Blu cigs vapor production and throat hit is not that strong and they give only mild flavors. Some vapers may find these unappealing but other find it perfect. As beginners love mild performance and Blu cigs are made to cater to beginners so I say that they are doing their job great.

Blu cigs coupons

All in all, I can honestly say that Blu electronic cigarette are the coolest thing I’ve used in a while. It has one of the best electronic cigarette flavors and starter kits. It is truly worth the price. But if you are still frowning about the price tag, then use these Blu cigs coupons and get instant discount in your purchases. Enjoy!

V2 Cigs Buying Questions

E-cigarettes are growing more and more popular nowadays. From Hollywood to ordinary people, smokers are already switching and choosing it. This is why probably every smokers and non-smokers around the world already knows about it. How it works, the advantages of using it and some other general information about it. However, there are still some questions that come up again and again. These questions are now mainly focus on buying them.

We’ve partnered with V2 cigs – one of the leading E-cigarette brands around (to know more about V2 cigs, read this in depth v2 cigs review ( at to know exactly what kind of questions are they getting in their customer queries. It seems that electronic cigarette smokers – whatever their age, race, gender, or geographical location –generally have the same or similar concerns regarding their V2 cigs. Here are some of them and our own answers on their questions.

1. Which flavor should I purchase?

With V2 cigs offering 12 awesome flavors, people want to know which flavors would fit them well. We suggest for everyone to take a taste on their most popular flavors which is the V2 Red. It taste like real Marlboro red and would not disappoint you. If you love menthol flavors then try the V2 menthol or the V2 peppermint. The best way to try all the flavors is to get the V2 sampler pack. If however, you are still not satisfied and is looking for more, you can order your own custom blend flavors from V2 cigs.

2.  What nicotine level should I get?

V2 cigs are available in five nicotine levels: 2.4% nicotine, 1.8% nicotine, 1.2% nicotine and 0.6% nicotine and 0% nicotine. If you are a serial and heavy smoker then you probably should get the 2.4%. The best level is at 1.8% though, just enough nicotine for your taste. It is also suggested that people go lower in nicotine strength from time to time until you reach the 0%, as E-cigs are much safer without nicotine.

3. How much is shipping?

At V2 cigs, you get free shipping on ALL domestic orders purchased through their website. No minimum order, special requirements, hassles, or headaches. For international shipping, V2 cigs also have affordable rates for you. Call their customer service for the exact rates.

4. How long will it take for my orders to arrive?

V2 cigs free shipping domestically usually arrives between 2-5 business days. You can upgrade your delivery options to priority delivery (usually takes 1-3 days) or to overnight delivery. For international shipping and delivery, it will depend. So call V2 customer service, tell your country and location and know exactly how long will it take.

5. Can I get a discount or a promo? 

V2 cigs produce really high quality E-cigarettes so every penny you will spend on it is worth it. However, some people still find the price of V2 cigs quite expensive. But it is ok. V2 cigs understand that everyone wants discounts and promise from time to time. Luckily, V2 cigs love their loyal customers and give people ways to get discounted prices. First, through their loyalty system where in you can get points for referring someone to buy V2. These points can be turn into cash that you can use to purchase V2 e-cigarettes. Furthermore, V2 cigs also offer V2 cigs coupon code online. You can use these V2 cigs coupon codes to get instant discount by putting the V2 cigs coupon codes before you checkout. Finally, get great discounts offered at V2 sales section, you can even use V2 cigs coupons in accordance to already sale items. This means double the savings and double the fun.

Vaporzone Flavors and Foods To Pair With It

One of the most common traits of smokers is smoking just after they eat their meals. Smokers seem to find their meals incomplete without smoking, they even said that they feel so heavy without it. Problem is, they need to smoke it outside. With E-cigarettes, you don’t need to go outside. You can even pair your E-cigarettes with foods. It can be especially exciting being able to pair your favorite E-cig flavors  with your favorite food.  And because of this, we will give you the best E-cig flavors and food pairings around.

Since Vaporzone has the widest option of E-cig flavors around, boasting around 50+ flavors (for full list of Vapor Zone flavors read this vapor zone review ( at and even with the option for you to custom blend your flavor cartridges. We will use Vaporzone flavor’s for our sample food pairings. So read on.

1. Breakfast foods like eggs and omelets, pancakes, sausage, pastries, or bacon can be perfectly paired with Vaporzone Orange + Menthol Ice. It will add on your morning refreshment and will add energy to your morning routine.

2. Having fruit smoothies for breakfast? Enjoy it with added fruit flavors in your Vaporzone E-cigarette. Vaporzone has so many awesome fruit flavors such as Lemon, Apple and Cherry. A Vanilla or Cinnamon flavor would also perfectly compliment the fruit smoothie you’ve been drinking.

3. Eating a healthy salad? par a crisp and light salad with something equally zesty  like Pina Colada, lemon zest and carribean coconut.

4. Is is time for your coffee break? Then get Vaporzone dessert flavors to go perfectly with your Coffee. Vaporzone has a wide selection of it including Mango Cheesecake, Crème de la Crème, or Chocolate delight

5. Americans love eating in fastfood chains and ordering burgers. With E-cigarettes you can now eat in a fastfood chain while you smoke. A rich burger would perfectly match the awesome Vaporzone flavors of Root bear and cola blast. So fastfood like!

6. No matter what cooked of chicken you prepared for your meal, Vaporzone’s american red tobacco, fresh mint and havana rum will perfectly blend with it.

7. A sophisticated steak dinner serves sophisticated flavors too. Head on to Vaporzone and choose sophisticated flavors such as amaretto sunrise, double apple hookah and sweet tobacco. Dont hesitate to vape especially when you are on a romantic steak dinner. E-cig smokes are not at all repelling unlike traditional cigarettes.

8. Loves Mexican food such as tacos, enchiladas, guacamoke with chips n salsa? Then Vaporzone’s real cuban mojito blend would go perfectly with it.

9. Loves Italian food such as pasta? Then Vaporzone’s Godfather is the sole perfect match for you.

10. Eating out chips while playing poker? Then the all american classic tobacco of Vaporzone is the right blend for you.

Indeed, with Vaporzone’s wide range of flavor cartridges, there would definitely a flavor for everyone’s taste. So try Vaporzone today and enjoy their amazing flavors. Use this Vapor Zone coupon when you buy to get an instant discount of 15% in all of your purchases. This Vapor Zone coupon is from our friends at so enjoy!

The Right Nicotine Strength For You

We know for a fact that one of the advantages of E-cigarettes from traditional cigarettes is the variety of options they offer. Including having your choice of nicotine strength.

One of the most common question that beginners ask is “what nicotine strength is the perfect strength for them” It’s like going into a liquor store for the first time. With so many choices, what’s a person to do? Here’s an informational table for you to see. Find out through the table which nicotine strength is for you.

nicotine strength The Right Nicotine Strength For You